Gate Valves - SMART - Manual Lever
Soft-shut Mechanism with Auto-Rail Transportation Technology


  • Leak Rate: 7.89x10^-9 std cc/sec He

  • Vacuum Rating: 760 to 1x10^-10 Torr (1,000 to 1.33x10^-10 mbar)

  • Feedthrough: Welded bellows (UHV) or Rotary Type Feedthrough (HV)

  • Max Operating Temperature: 400°F (200°C)

  • Mounting Position: Any

  • Manual open and close


  • Valve Body/Gate Construction: 304/304L Stainless Steel, Aluminum

  • Actuator: Manual Lever

  • Viton o-rings at Flange, Gate, and Shaft

  • OFHC metal gasket at Bonnet Seal

  • No Lubricates in Vacuum

  • No Springs - Long life mechanism designed for 2 million cycles

  • Cycle Life > 5 million cycles (UHV) or 200,000 cycles (HV)

  • In-Axis gate valve with build in S.M.A.R.T. lock system

  • (UHV) Welded bellows feedthrough with better service life.

  • Low particle generation.

  • Soft shut gate, suitable for clean process.

Ultra High Vacuum (UHV), CF Flange
High Vacuum (HV), CF Flange
High Vacuum (HV), ISO-F Flange