ISO 100mm -320mm
ASA 14"-24"
ISO 400mm -630mm and

Angle Valves


  • Leak Rate: < 1x10^-9 std cc/sec He

  • Vacuum Rating: 1x10^-7 Torr (1.33x10^-7 mbar)

  • Seals in either direction with max differential pressure across poppet: 1.0 atm*

  • Max Operating Temperature: 400°F (200°C)

  • Mounting Position: Actuator up

  • Solenoid: 24V DC Standard

  • Air to open / Air to close

  • Air Pressure Required: 80-120 psig (5.5-8.3 bar)

  • Standard interface flanges: ASA & ISO


* For sizes up to 20" (500mm) standard


  • Valve Body/PoppetConstruction: 304/304L Stainless Steel or Mild Steel

  • Surface Finish: Glass Bead Blast, Grained, Electro-polished, or Painted Mild Steel

  • Actuator: Electro-pneumatic Standard Viton or Buna O-rings at Flange, Poppet, Bonnet, and Shaft

  • Magnetic Position Indicators Standard

  • Designed for reliable operation even in industrial environments