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    Air Cooled

    Ambient Operating Temperature: 5-40⁰C (41-104⁰F)


    All Rotary Vane Pumps available in 50Hz or 60Hz

    Most have options for 110V, 220V, or 380V and 1 phase or 3 phase motor depending on size


    Pump Oil to be includeded with every Rotary Vane Pump, must be installed by customer before use of pump


    Model # RVP-R80
    Pumping Speed  (60Hz)     m^3/hr (l/s) [cfm] 78 (21.6) [45.8]
    Ultimate Partial Pressure w/Gas Ballast Close     Torr (Pa) 3.0x10-4 (4x10-2)
    Ultimate Total Pressure w/Gas Ballast Close     Torr (Pa) 3.0x10-3 (4x10-1)
    Ultimate Total Pressure w/Gas Ballast Open     Torr (Pa) 6x10-3 (8x10-1)
    Intake Flange Options KF40
    Exhaust Flange Options KF40
    Oil Capacity     l (qt) 3.3-4.5 (3.49-4.76)
    Noise Level (dB) 62
    Weight     kg (lbs) 65 (143)
    Dimensions (mm) 730x234x358
    Dimensions (in) 28.7x9.2x14.1

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