• Details:

    Water Cooled

    3-Phase Motors

    All Screw Pumps Available in 50Hz or 60Hz

    Available in 220V or 380V

    Cooling water Temperature: 15-30⁰C, 59-86⁰F, Depending on Model

    Cooling Water Minimun Flow 3-7 l/min Depending on Model

    N2 Purge Pressure: 1125-1500 Torr, 0.15-0.2 MPa

               (375 Torr, 0.05 MPa for PDE800 and PDE3012 Models)

    N2 Purge Flow: 5-60 slm

        0-150 slm for PDE800 and PDE3012 Models


    All Screw Pumps come with Covers, PLC Controller, and Nano Ceramic Coating on Screws unless otherwise requested


    ***"PDE" denotes option for Air Cooled***


    Hanbell PD3652
    Pump/Blower Speed (m^3/hr) 500/3600
    Pumping Speed (60Hz)     m^3/hr (l/s) [cfm] 3600 (1000) [2118]
    Ultimate Total Pressure     Torr (Pa) ≤7.5x10-4 (≤0.1)
    Intake Flange Options ISO200
    Exhaust Flange Options KF50
    Noise     (dB) <80
    Weight     kg (lbs) 1020 (2249)
    Dimensions (mm) 1505x525x965
    Dimensions (in) 59.3x20.7x38
    Rated Power (kW) 9
    Rated Current (A) (220V/380V) -/28+28