• Details:

    Standard Series


    Air cooled

    Ambient Temperature: 5-40⁰C (41-104⁰F)

    Leakage: 1x10-7 mbar l/s

    Max Inlet/Exhaust Pressure  Torr (Pa): 750 (1x10^5)/ 975 (1.3x10^5)

                          for C Series: 750 (1x10^5)/ 2250 (3x10^5)


    All Scroll Pumps available in 50Hz or 60Hz

    Most available in 110V, 220V, 380V, or 460V and 1 phase or 3 phase motor depending on Model


    ***Options for Standard series, 100% Oil free (S-series), Vertical construction for wet gases (L-series), and Compressor (C-series).  L and C series specifications most similar to standard series***


    Model # GWSP150
    Pumping Speed (60Hz)     m^3/hr (l/s) [cfm] 8.6 (2.4) [5.1]
    Ultimate Total Pressure     Torr (Pa) ≤4x10-2 (≤5.3)
    Intake Flange Options KF25
    Exhaust Flange Options KF16
    Noise     (dB) ≤57
    Weight     kg (lbs) 18 (40)
    Dimensions (mm) 430x250x280
    Dimensions (in) 16.9x9.8x11.0