Liquid Nitrogen Traps


A liquid nitrogen trap is a baffle that includes an internal reservoir for liquid nitrogen. They are designed to be routinely filled from a bulk liquid nitrogen tank.


  • Body construction: 304 stainless steel with copper chevrons

  • Surface: glass bead-blast finish at exterior and interior

  • Opening sizes: 3 to 35 inches and larger per customer request

  • Viton o-rings seals

  • Leak rate: <1.0x10-9 std cc/sec He, vacuum rating 1x10-8 Torr (1.3x10-7 mbar)

  • Option: grained or electropolished finish, CFF, ISO or special flanges

  • Fittings available per customer request

  • Flanges: ASA, CFF, ISO or special upon request


                     Technical Data