Vacuum Baffle Video GNB


  1. Trapping contaminants. As oil, water, selenium, and other contaminants travel in a vacuum system, they will stick to cold surfaces. Cooled baffles provide cold surfaces that can trap the contaminants, thus protecting the process or components from contamination.

  2. Heat shields. Processes may be hot, yet many vacuum components do not tolerate high temperatures. A baffle will protect cryo-pumps and other components from heat by absorbing the heat load.

  3. Diffusing gasses. A diffuser controls the movement of gasses in a vacuum system during pump down or venting by changing the speed and direction of moving gasses.

  4. Moisture Removal. Baffles can be used to increase pumping speeds by removing the moisture (humidity) from the air in the chamber. As cryo-coils and baffles condense the water vapor out of the air, they remove the water vapor load from the pumps and increase pumping speed.